United Commuity


Supporting the Family has never been so simple.

You can help raise funds for The Family through the United Community program. It's free and simple! With your support, we can continue to change lives each and every day.

Here's how to get started:

1.   Visit ucmission.com and click "Join Now"
2.   Chose to support "The Family-Evangel Ministries"
3.   Securely enter your existing Visa/MasterCard debit and credit cards into the program
4.   Shop the partnered businesses and raise funds for The Family ... it's that simple!

Once you enroll, please support the partnered businesses. 100's of businesses are offering cash back to The Family whenever you make a purchase with your existing credit or debit card, so please consider rewarding them with your purchases.

 See full business list

The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships The Family - Helping you build healthy relationships
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