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Cream Cheese with Fun

Everything starts with an 8 ounce brick of cream cheese, unwrapped, room temperature, centered on a pretty plate.

Pour a small jar (about a cup) of one of the following over the cream cheese and serve with crackers:

-Jalapeño jelly or Pepper jelly (the greens and reds are very festive)
-Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
-Cover cream cheese with 1 can of drained shrimp or shredded crab, and then pour on shrimp cocktail sauce.
-Extra chunky salsa

-use that pretty little plate, that’s generally too small to be the center of attention!
-do put out a butter knife, or one of those little cheese spread knives to make serving easier. This doesn’t "dip" well.
-my favorite crackers for most things are Wheat thins, but have fun. Little crackers, make for lighter nibbles!

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