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Hot Turkey Sandwiches

Serves 50!

20 pound turkey - cooked, meat shredded, bones and skin discarded
8 cans of cream soup - celery, chicken, mix up your favorites
4 canisters of Stove Top Stuffing mix - prepared according to package (just add all ingredients to meat)
5-14 ounce cans of chicken or turkey broth (more if needed)

Mix it all together and heat thoroughly. Serve on buns! 
Any of your favorite buns will do, but the potato rolls, the ones dusted with flour, are especially tasty. 


- A Nesco roaster or a couple large crock pots are perfect for serving this and keeping it hot.
- Keep it warm carefully, stirring occasionally and adding more broth as needed.
- You may use the broth from cooking the turkey to replace some of the canned broth, but I suggest chilling it first so you can skim off the fat.
- This recipe is easily cut in ½ for family or smaller crowds and so worth the effort!

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