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Clam Chowder #2

From the kitchen of Connie Deitschman

Boiling water
1 (10 ½ oz.) can clams, drain and save juice, chop clams
5 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
1 small onion, diced
2 Tblsp. flour
¼ cup cold water
2 Tblsp. butter
1 cup evaporated milk (1 cup of your favorite milk works)
salt and pepper to taste

Add water to clam juice to make 3 cups.
Bring to boil and add potatoes and onions.
Simmer 15 minutes.
Blend flour in cold water until smooth; slowly add to potatoes, stirring until thickened.
Add seasoning, butter and clams, reheat.
Stir in milk, stir until blended and hot.
Yield: 5-6 servings

*Notes: Can add diced carrots, celery, ham or bacon bits, or sliced mushrooms when cooking potatoes.
Comparing all kinds of fancy gourmet recipes, I found that bacon, thyme, parsley and bay leaf were pretty common seasonings. Sip, stir, and come up with your family’s favorite!


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