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Yes, these recipes are very similar, but each shared with slightly different details that may encourage you. I am grateful to know each of these three delightful ladies, hard working wives and moms who love the Lord, and was very eager to share their recipes and a ‘link’ to their lives. Hope you enjoy the yogurt, and that it will remind you that when lives are poured out, mixed with a generous cup of the good stuff that inspires new growth, and given the right amount of time and warmth - wonderfully rich blessings result!
Grateful to share life with you, Terri

Titus 2 Yogurt
From the kitchen of Michelle Hilleson

This wonderful yogurt recipe is from a true Titus 2 friend/Sister in the Lord, Holly Johnson:
Okay, y'all. Here's my yogurt recipe. Really easy. I'm not even going to give you temps. You do this just by touch.

Slowly heat your milk to boiling. Heat it right to the point it starts bubbling, but not a rolling boil. Shut it off, and remove it from the burner.

Let it sit, until you can dip your finger in the top of it and it does not "sting." You want it still hot, but not where it "bites" your finger.

When it gets to that point, throw in 1/2 cup of plain yogurt (this is to one half of a gallon of milk. You can use any type of milk you want...fat content does not matter. You can double the recipe if you want) This is your starter. Whisk it together.

Now, I place it in my crock pot, with the lid on. I have one of those little insulated cover thingies for my crock pot, but if you don't, simply wrap it or cover it all up in a heap of towels or blankets. I've done it both ways.

This way it will gradually cool down and thicken up, or incubate. Let it sit for four hours. It can sit for longer if you desire, but the longer it sits the more sour it gets.

That's it. Really.

Michelle’s Notes:
1. Be very careful not to scorch the milk, it will ruin the whole batch. Ask me how I know this.
2. I usually add 1 c. powdered milk to the starter (adds nutrition).
3. The longer you let it incubate, the thicker it will get. After 4 hrs, my yogurt was something similar to kefir. I usually let it sit 6-8.

Crockpot Yogurt
from the kitchen of Jessica Tower

Lots of details from Jessica’s experiments here:

Yogurt Recipe
from the kitchen of Angie Webster

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