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Sugar Cone-ucopia

-For each place setting, tie a ribbon around the opening of a sugar cone.
-With a tube of store-bought decorator's icing, squirt the name of a guest along the side of the cone.
-Place the cone on a doily-covered saucer. Then fill it with nuts and candies, such as candy corn, raspberry jellies, m&m’s, Reese’s Pieces, fruit-shaped sweets, marzipan fruits, caramel corn, and citrus slices.
-Let the goodies spill out over the plate around the cone.
-For an extra touch? The day before, carefully dip the bottom 1/3 of the cone in water. As it softens, curl the end! Let it dry again before you fill it with goodies.  


-Fill a pretty glass bowl with 2-3 inches of water. Float cranberries and floating candles for a pretty centerpiece. 
-Cut a hole in the top of a medium size pumpkin, (slightly off top-center to make it more interesting) and force a plastic glass or jar into it. Fill the glass with water and use it for a vase for one of those inexpensive bouquets you pick up at the grocery store. Adds a fabulous touch to your buffet table in 5 minutes, you don’t even have to clean out the pumpkin!
-Mini-pumpkins make great candle holders too!



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